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Sophie Turner And Peregrine Pearson’s Romantic Parisian Getaway Sophie Turner And Peregrine Pearson’s Romantic Parisian Getaway


Sophie Turner And Peregrine Pearson’s Romantic Parisian Getaway

Written by: Marni Maas

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Sophie Turner, the renowned actress from “Game of Thrones,” has been spotted once again with her new beau, Peregrine Pearson, in the romantic city of Paris. The couple’s public display of affection has been the talk of the town, as they strolled through the streets arm-in-arm, exchanging loving glances and even sharing a kiss or two.

Key Takeaway

Sophie Turner and Peregrine Pearson’s romantic rendezvous in Paris has garnered attention, while Joe Jonas and Stormi Bree are enjoying their time together in Australia. The public display of affection from both couples has sparked interest and speculation among fans.

Sophie Turner’s Parisian Affair

The “Game of Thrones” star, Sophie Turner, and her British aristocrat boyfriend, Peregrine Pearson, have been turning heads with their romantic escapades in Paris. The pair, who went public with their relationship in October, seemed completely smitten with each other as they enjoyed their time together during Paris Fashion Week.

It’s evident that Sophie and Peregrine are deeply in love, as they couldn’t contain their happiness while exploring the picturesque streets of Paris. Their affectionate gestures and beaming smiles have captured the attention of onlookers and fans alike.

Joe Jonas’ New Romance Down Under

Meanwhile, Sophie Turner’s ex-husband, Joe Jonas, has been making headlines with his blossoming romance with beauty queen-turned-actress, Stormi Bree. The couple has been spotted enjoying each other’s company in Australia, where Joe is currently on tour with his band, the JoBros.

Stormi Bree joined Joe Jonas in Australia and the pair indulged in a yacht outing at the Sydney Harbor, engaging in activities such as swimming, paddleboarding, and leisurely day drinking. Their public outings and shared adventures indicate that their relationship is going strong.

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