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Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Over Flight Tracker Revealed Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Over Flight Tracker Revealed


Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Over Flight Tracker Revealed

Written by: Elianore Ramsey

Get the latest news on Taylor Swift's legal battle over flight tracker. Stay informed with the latest updates and developments in the ongoing case.

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Taylor Swift has received a response from a college student to whom she sent a cease and desist letter for tracking her private jet on Instagram. On Monday, Jack Sweeney took to the social media app and posted a two-page letter he sent to the pop superstar, claiming he did nothing wrong by showing her flight path to the world.

Key Takeaway

Taylor Swift is embroiled in a legal dispute with a college student over the tracking of her private jet, with the student and his attorney defending the actions as protected speech and lawful.

Legal Response

In the letter, Sweeney quoted lyrics from Taylor’s 2017 hit song, “Reputation,” writing, “Look What You Made Me Do.” This response comes after Taylor’s attorney, Kate Wright Morrone, fired off a legal threat to Sweeney in December, claiming he was engaging in “stalking and harassing behavior” by revealing Taylor’s flight information in real-time on social media.

Student’s Defense

Sweeney and his attorney, James Slater, weren’t intimidated and composed their own letter, pointing out that Morrone cited no law supporting her cease and desist, except for stalking, which they argued does not apply since Sweeney has never made a “credible threat” against Taylor. They emphasized that Sweeney merely uploaded publicly available data from the Federal Aviation Administration to track Taylor’s plane movements.


In conclusion, Slater stated that Sweeney, a junior at the University of Central Florida, exercised his right to protected speech and has done nothing unlawful. He also noted that Sweeney has posted similar flight information for Elon Musk and some Russian oligarchs.

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