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Benzino Claims Victory Over Eminem In Ongoing Rap Battle Benzino Claims Victory Over Eminem In Ongoing Rap Battle


Benzino Claims Victory Over Eminem In Ongoing Rap Battle

Written by: Torie Latta

Get the latest news on Benzino's claim of victory over Eminem in their ongoing rap battle. Stay updated with the latest developments in the rap world.

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Benzino, the former Source magazine owner, has declared himself the conqueror in his long-standing feud with Eminem, dubbing himself the "Eminem Slayer." In a recent interview with "Art Of Dialogue," Benzino asserted that he has emerged victorious in their ongoing battle, citing Eminem's failure to respond to his "Rap Elvis" diss track as evidence of his triumph.

Key Takeaway

Benzino claims victory over Eminem in their long-standing rap battle, dubbing himself the "Eminem Slayer" and emphasizing his unwavering confidence in the face of potential future disses from the renowned artist.

Benzino's Declaration of Victory

During the interview, Benzino emphasized that his relentless pursuit of Eminem over the past two decades sets him apart as the only rapper with the audacity to engage in a prolonged war of words with the renowned artist. He also expressed his desire for history to recognize him as "The Eminem Slayer," solidifying his claim to victory in the feud.

Eminem's Response and Benzino's Critique

Although Eminem did retaliate against Benzino's initial 2024 diss track, the latter remains unsatisfied, threatening to release further responses if met with continued silence from Eminem. Benzino also took aim at Eminem's devoted fan base, referring to them as "soft and cuddly," prompting a strong reaction from the rapper's loyal supporters.

Benzino's Unwavering Confidence

Despite the potential for further disses from Eminem, Benzino expressed unwavering confidence in his ability to withstand any future attacks, citing his emotional vulnerability as a source of strength. He likened his resilience to the character B-Rabbit from the movie "8 Mile," asserting that he will not succumb to Eminem's verbal assaults.

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