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Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Over Flight Tracking Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Over Flight Tracking


Taylor Swift’s Legal Battle Over Flight Tracking

Written by: Sari Dowell

Stay updated on the latest news about Taylor Swift's legal battle over flight tracking. Get the latest developments and insights on this ongoing legal dispute.

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The cease and desist received by a college student for tracking Taylor Swift’s private jet has sparked a legal debate. The student, Jack Sweeney, and his attorney, James Slater, do not anticipate a legal fight with Taylor Swift. They believe that Taylor Swift and her attorneys may not have a realistic legal path to pursue in this matter. If Taylor Swift decides to take legal action, Sweeney’s team is prepared to respond with an anti-SLAPP motion, which allows defendants to quickly dismiss meritless lawsuits.

Key Takeaway

The legal battle over tracking Taylor Swift’s private jet continues, with Sweeney and his attorney expressing confidence in their position while legal experts offer differing perspectives on the matter.

Taylor Swift’s Cease and Desist

In December, Taylor Swift’s attorneys issued a legal threat to Sweeney, warning him to stop tracking her private jet or face further legal action. However, Slater retaliated last month, stating that Taylor’s camp cited no law supporting the cease and desist. He also refuted the stalking claims, emphasizing that Sweeney had never made a credible threat against Taylor through his actions or words.

Legal Perspectives

Aviation attorney Tim Loranger explained that tracking aircraft movements using publicly available data from the Federal Aviation Administration is a common hobby for aviation enthusiasts. He emphasized that aircraft registration numbers are displayed on the aircraft’s side, making it easy to track them using flight tracking services.

While some legal experts believe that Sweeney is in the clear, others caution him to tread carefully. Civil attorney Tre Lovell suggests that Sweeney should clearly describe the purpose of his actions, while Camron Dowlatshahi believes that Taylor Swift has no legal standing in this matter but could potentially use her financial resources to pursue legal action.

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