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Dr. Phil Expresses Concerns Over Biden’s Cognitive Assessment Dr. Phil Expresses Concerns Over Biden’s Cognitive Assessment


Dr. Phil Expresses Concerns Over Biden’s Cognitive Assessment

Written by: Dita Jost

Stay informed with the latest news as Dr. Phil shares his concerns about Biden's cognitive assessment. Get the latest updates and analysis on this developing story.

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Dr. Phil, the renowned TV personality and medical professional, has recently voiced his apprehensions regarding President Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. During a discussion about his new book, “We’ve Got Issues: How You Can Stand Strong for America’s Soul and Sanity,” Dr. Phil expressed his unease over Biden’s doctor affirming his fitness for duty without a physical or neurological examination, despite noticeable instances of forgetfulness.

Key Takeaway

Dr. Phil raises concerns about President Biden’s cognitive evaluation, emphasizing the need for transparency and openness in assessing his cognitive abilities.

Dr. Phil’s Expert Opinion

Given his background in brain, central nervous system, and cognitive ability fields, Dr. Phil emphasized the importance of transparency in evaluating the President’s cognitive function. He suggested that undergoing a neurocognitive test would demonstrate a commitment to openness and dispel any doubts about his cognitive prowess.

Public Reaction and Commentary

Biden’s memory lapses have not gone unnoticed, with various public figures, including Jon Stewart, making remarks about the President’s cognitive acuity. Dr. Phil’s remarks add to the ongoing public discourse surrounding Biden’s cognitive evaluation and its implications for his leadership.

Dr. Phil’s Stance on Politics

Despite being approached for political roles, Dr. Phil remains focused on his expertise and acknowledges his limitations in the realm of politics. He maintains a self-aware approach, recognizing the areas where he can make a meaningful contribution.

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