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Duke’s Kyle Filipowski Injured After Court Storming Incident Duke’s Kyle Filipowski Injured After Court Storming Incident


Duke’s Kyle Filipowski Injured After Court Storming Incident

Written by: Jenn Halley

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Duke’s star player, Kyle Filipowski, suffered a shocking injury at the hands of an overzealous fan during a postgame court storming. The incident occurred after Duke’s unexpected 83-79 loss to unranked Wake Forest, a defeat that could have significant conference championship implications.

Key Takeaway

Kyle Filipowski’s injury during a postgame court storming has raised concerns about player safety and the need for measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Chaos on the Court

Following the game, a surge of elated Wake Forest students flooded the court in celebration, inadvertently causing harm to Filipowski. In a distressing video captured by ESPN, a fan collided with Kyle, resulting in what appeared to be a painful ankle sprain. The collision left the projected top-10 NBA draft pick visibly distressed as he was assisted off the court by his teammates.

Repercussions and Outrage

The injury has sparked outrage and concern, with Duke’s coach Jon Scheyer openly questioning the safety of court storming and calling for NCAA intervention. In the aftermath, Filipowski expressed his belief that the fan’s actions were intentional, raising serious questions about fan behavior and player safety in such postgame celebrations.

Uncertain Future

The timing of the injury is particularly concerning as Filipowski’s NBA draft prospects hang in the balance. With a projected 9th overall pick ranking, the injury could have significant implications for his future career and potential earnings.

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