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Jon Stewart’s Emotional Tribute Raises $25K For NYC Animal Shelter Jon Stewart’s Emotional Tribute Raises $25K For NYC Animal Shelter


Jon Stewart’s Emotional Tribute Raises $25K For NYC Animal Shelter

Written by: Jorrie Eichelberger

Get the latest news on Jon Stewart's emotional tribute that raised $25K for a NYC animal shelter. Stay updated with the heartwarming story.

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Former ‘Daily Show’ host Jon Stewart recently shared an emotional tribute to his late dog, Dipper, which led to an outpouring of support for the New York City no-kill animal shelter, Animal Haven. Stewart’s heartfelt monologue not only moved viewers but also inspired them to contribute generously to the shelter, resulting in nearly $25,000 in donations.

Key Takeaway

Jon Stewart’s emotional tribute to his late dog, Dipper, has resulted in a remarkable display of generosity, with nearly $25,000 raised for Animal Haven, a NYC-based animal shelter. The outpouring of support not only reflects the impact of Stewart’s heartfelt words but also highlights the compassion and kindness of individuals towards animal welfare.

Support for Animal Haven

During a segment on the ‘Daily Show,’ Stewart opened up about the passing of his beloved Brindle pit bull, Dipper, and expressed his gratitude towards Animal Haven, the shelter where he first met the pup. This deeply touching tribute prompted over 500 new donors to contribute to the cause, with the funds set to aid the shelter in various aspects such as general animal care, operating support, veterinary care, food, staff time, and dog walks.

Notably, the surge in donations comes at a crucial time for Animal Haven, as the shelter is currently at full capacity, caring for over 100 rescue animals, including three dog moms and their 20 puppies. In addition to financial support, Stewart’s tribute has also sparked interest in adoptions, further benefiting the shelter and its furry residents.

Gratitude and Sympathy

Tiffany Lacey, the executive director of Animal Haven, expressed her gratitude to Stewart and everyone who contributed, emphasizing the significant impact of their support. The shelter has also reached out to Stewart, offering their sympathies and condolences as he mourns the loss of his cherished companion.

Furthermore, in addition to monetary donations, individuals have been showing their support by fulfilling items from Animal Haven’s Amazon Wishlist, providing essential supplies such as dog treats and blankets.

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