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Jonathan Van Ness Faces Backlash From “Queer Eye” Colleagues Jonathan Van Ness Faces Backlash From “Queer Eye” Colleagues


Jonathan Van Ness Faces Backlash From “Queer Eye” Colleagues

Written by: Clare Feeley

Jonathan Van Ness is under fire from "Queer Eye" co-stars. Get the latest news on the controversy and the reactions from the cast. Stay informed with our coverage.

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“Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness is under fire as anonymous sources from the Netflix show have come forward with scathing criticism of his behavior. The behind-the-scenes tension has been revealed in a recent Rolling Stone article, shedding light on the alleged turmoil within the “Queer Eye” production.

Key Takeaway

Jonathan Van Ness, a prominent figure on “Queer Eye,” is facing serious allegations of unprofessional behavior and mistreatment of colleagues, as revealed by anonymous sources. The reported turmoil within the show has raised concerns about the impact on the team dynamics and the departure of one of the hosts.

Allegations of Unprofessional Conduct

The article portrays Jonathan Van Ness as a two-faced personality, projecting a warm and friendly image to the public while reportedly displaying a different demeanor towards colleagues. Descriptions such as “monster,” “nightmare,” and “demeaning” have been used to characterize his behavior, with claims of emotional abuse and rage issues. According to the report, several individuals have accused Van Ness of mistreating crew members and others involved in the show.

Impact on the “Queer Eye” Team

The alleged unprofessional conduct of Jonathan Van Ness is said to have contributed to growing tension among the “Queer Eye” hosts. The rift became so pronounced that some members reportedly hesitated to film scenes with Van Ness. The situation escalated to the extent that even a meeting with Netflix executives failed to address the concerns, leaving the crew feeling unsupported and without accountability.

Departure of Bobby Berk

Amidst the turmoil, one of the hosts, Bobby Berk, has departed from the show. However, it remains unclear whether Jonathan Van Ness played a role in Berk’s decision to leave. Efforts to obtain a response from Van Ness regarding the allegations have been unsuccessful at this time.

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