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’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Faces Backlash Over Colon Cancer Fundraiser ’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Faces Backlash Over Colon Cancer Fundraiser


’90 Day Fiance’ Couple Faces Backlash Over Colon Cancer Fundraiser

Written by: Vinnie Swinney

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A “90 Day Fiance” couple faced criticism after announcing a colon cancer diagnosis and launching a fundraiser, only to have the fundraising platform shut down the campaign due to doubts surrounding the situation.

Key Takeaway

A “90 Day Fiance” couple faced backlash after announcing a colon cancer diagnosis and initiating a fundraiser, which was later shut down due to doubts. The platform hosting the campaign, GoGetFunding, removed the initiative amidst concerns about its authenticity. The couple clarified that they halted the campaign themselves due to the negative attention they received.

The Initial Announcement

Brandan and Mary Denuccio, known for their appearance on ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’, initially shared with their followers that Mary had been diagnosed with colon cancer. They also requested donations for a fundraiser to support the surgery she would require for the treatment.

Controversy and Fundraiser Shutdown

However, doubts began to emerge online regarding the authenticity of the cancer diagnosis. This led to a modification in the wording of the announcement, indicating that Mary had not received an official diagnosis from a doctor. Subsequently, the fundraising campaign was halted, with the platform, GoGetFunding, taking down the entire initiative.

Platform’s Response

GoGetFunding, the company hosting the campaign, stated that they received user flags about the suspicious nature of the fundraiser. After investigating the matter, they decided to remove the campaign from their platform.

Refunds and Clarifications

Regarding the donated funds, GoGetFunding clarified that the donations were received via PayPal, and no funds passed through their site. They advised donors to dispute any charges with their banks and report any suspicious activity to the authorities if necessary.

Couple’s Response

Brandan and Mary stated that they were the ones who stopped the GoGetFunding campaign due to the overwhelming negativity they received. Mary expressed her fear and stress, mentioning that they are still undergoing medical evaluations and tests.

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