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Mike Epps Stands Firm Against Shannon Sharpe’s Alleged Threat Mike Epps Stands Firm Against Shannon Sharpe’s Alleged Threat


Mike Epps Stands Firm Against Shannon Sharpe’s Alleged Threat

Written by: Annamaria Funderburk

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Mike Epps is not backing down in the face of what appears to be a threat from Shannon Sharpe, following a recent exchange of words between the two public figures.

Key Takeaway

Mike Epps remains resolute in the face of Shannon Sharpe’s apparent provocation, expressing a willingness to engage in a constructive conversation to address the ongoing conflict.

Mike Epps’ Response

After Shannon Sharpe’s podcast tirade against him, Mike Epps took to social media to address the situation. He clarified the sequence of events and the nature of their interaction, standing his ground in the ongoing feud.


The conflict arose when Mike Epps incorporated jokes about Shannon Sharpe into his stand-up routine, specifically targeting the former NFL player’s popular “Club Shay Shay” interviews. This led to a heated response from Sharpe during a podcast recording with Chad OchoCinco, where he expressed his displeasure at what he perceived as dishonesty on Epps’ part.

Resolution in Sight?

Despite the escalating tension, Epps extended an olive branch by expressing his willingness to engage in a face-to-face discussion with Sharpe. While emphasizing his aversion to physical altercations, Epps continued to engage in verbal sparring with Sharpe and even directed some remarks towards Sharpe’s podcast partner, Chad.

Anticipated Encounter

With both individuals set to be present at the 2024 NBA All-Star Weekend in Indianapolis, the possibility of a confrontation looms large. However, it is hoped that the situation can be resolved amicably through dialogue rather than confrontation.

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