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Kyle Busch Applauds Wife For Hilarious Roast Over “Inches” Comment Kyle Busch Applauds Wife For Hilarious Roast Over “Inches” Comment


Kyle Busch Applauds Wife For Hilarious Roast Over “Inches” Comment

Written by: Rochelle Crittenden

Get the latest news on Kyle Busch as he applauds his wife for a hilarious roast over the "inches" comment. Stay updated with the latest developments in the world of NASCAR.

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NASCAR sensation Kyle Busch is giving credit to his wife, Samantha, for her witty response to his recent “inches” comment. The Ambetter Health 400 at Atlanta Motor Speedway witnessed one of the closest finishes in NASCAR history, with Busch, Daniel Suarez, and Ryan Blaney racing neck and neck until the checkered flag.

Key Takeaway

Kyle Busch acknowledges his wife’s clever response to his “inches” comment, highlighting her playful and humorous nature.

Samantha’s Epic Burn

Following the race, Busch took to Instagram, expressing his need for “a couple of inches📏” to secure a victory. Samantha didn’t miss the opportunity to deliver a playful yet savage comeback, commenting, “I’ve been telling you that for almost 20 years 😜”.

Kyle’s Response

When asked about his wife’s friendly jab, Busch admitted that he left the door wide open for such comments with his post and praised Samantha for her well-played response.

The Race and Beyond

Busch also shared insights into the intense final laps of the race, describing it as a “chess game.” He discussed how Suarez effectively utilized his strategy, leading to an exhilarating finish. Despite the outcome, Busch maintained his composure and expressed his satisfaction with the race’s conclusion, emphasizing the absence of any crashes.

Looking Ahead

Additionally, Busch discussed the new Netflix series, “Full Speed,” expressing his hope for increased involvement in the upcoming season.

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