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Lil Wayne Upset Over Treatment At Lakers Game, Considers Cutting Ties With Team Lil Wayne Upset Over Treatment At Lakers Game, Considers Cutting Ties With Team


Lil Wayne Upset Over Treatment At Lakers Game, Considers Cutting Ties With Team

Written by: Fayina Jakubowski

Get the latest news on Lil Wayne's frustration with his treatment at the Lakers game and his potential decision to sever ties with the team. Stay informed with the latest developments.

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Lil Wayne, the famous rapper and avid Lakers fan, expressed his frustration after feeling mistreated at the recent Lakers game. The incident left him so upset that he took to social media to voice his discontent, hinting at the possibility of severing his ties with the team.

Key Takeaway

Lil Wayne expressed his dissatisfaction after feeling mistreated at a Lakers game, hinting at the possibility of distancing himself from the team. The incident stemmed from his suspicions that his treatment was linked to his critical comments about Lakers’ superstar, Anthony Davis.

What Happened at the Game?

While the exact details of the incident remain unclear, Lil Wayne took to social media shortly after the game commenced, expressing his disappointment with how he was treated at the Crypto.com Arena. Although he did not provide specific details, he hinted that the treatment could be linked to his previous comments about Lakers’ superstar, Anthony Davis.

It’s worth noting that Lil Wayne has been a regular presence at Lakers games, often occupying courtside seats. Additionally, he has been known for his critical remarks about Anthony Davis, even suggesting that the team should consider trading the nine-time All-Star during a recent appearance on Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed.”

Lil Wayne’s Reaction

On social media, Lil Wayne expressed his frustration, stating, “Wow! Got treated like s*** at the Laker game just now.” He went on to mention his suspicions that the treatment was a result of his previous comments about Anthony Davis. Furthermore, he indicated that this was not the first time he had felt uneasy about the team’s attitude towards him.

Expressing his disillusionment, Lil Wayne added, “All good I get it. F*** em. It isn’t what it isn’t. I’m used to it.” These remarks suggest that the rapper is contemplating distancing himself from the team due to the treatment he received.

Response from the Lakers and Other Celebrities

As of Friday morning, neither Lil Wayne nor the Lakers had provided further comments on the matter. However, it’s evident that the incident has left the rapper feeling disheartened about his association with the team.

Despite Lil Wayne’s negative experience, other celebrities, including Flea, Kayvon Thibodeaux, Corey Gamble, Jay Mohr, and Chevy Chase, were seen enjoying the game from courtside seats. The game itself was an intense matchup, with LeBron James and Anthony Davis delivering an impressive performance, ultimately securing a 134-131 overtime win for the Lakers.

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