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Tyreek Hill Upset With Rick Ross Over House Fire Incident Tyreek Hill Upset With Rick Ross Over House Fire Incident


Tyreek Hill Upset With Rick Ross Over House Fire Incident

Written by: Janeta Bowker

Stay updated with the latest news on Tyreek Hill's dispute with Rick Ross over the house fire incident. Get all the details and updates here. Keep yourself informed with the latest news.

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Tyreek Hill, the Miami Dolphins receiver, expressed his disappointment with rapper Rick Ross for not reaching out to him after his house caught fire. The incident, which occurred on January 3, was documented by Ross, who lives across the street from Hill, on social media. Hill, in a podcast called “The Pivot,” conveyed his frustration, stating that Ross should have contacted him directly instead of posting about the fire online.

Key Takeaway

Tyreek Hill expressed his disappointment with Rick Ross for not directly contacting him after his house fire, emphasizing the importance of personal communication in such situations.

Ross’ Social Media Coverage and Hill’s Reaction

Rick Ross, residing in close proximity to Tyreek Hill, shared the smoky scene of the fire on his social media, speculating that it was caused by an electrical issue. However, Hill expressed his discontent with Ross’ actions, emphasizing that as a neighbor, Ross should have personally reached out to him instead of publicizing the incident online. Hill also criticized Ross for mentioning his business, Wing Stop, during the unfortunate event, accusing him of using the situation for promotion.

Response from Fred Taylor and Investigation

Former Jaguars star and cohost of the podcast, Fred Taylor, who also lives near Hill and Ross, shared his perspective on the incident. He mentioned witnessing Ross recording the event on his phone and highlighted that the fire department had already arrived at the scene when he became aware of the situation. Hill is still seeking answers about the fire, which officials believe was started by one of his children playing with a lighter.

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