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Rick Pitino Criticizes St. John’s Basketball Team After Seton Hall Loss Rick Pitino Criticizes St. John’s Basketball Team After Seton Hall Loss


Rick Pitino Criticizes St. John’s Basketball Team After Seton Hall Loss

Written by: Ede Bloomfield

Get the latest news as Rick Pitino criticizes the St. John's basketball team following their loss to Seton Hall. Stay updated with the latest developments.

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St. John’s head coach Rick Pitino did not hold back in his criticism of the team’s performance following their recent 68-62 loss to Seton Hall. Pitino expressed his frustration with the team’s lack of athleticism and overall disappointing year, delivering a post-game press conference that left no room for interpretation.

Key Takeaway

Rick Pitino’s candid criticism of the St. John’s basketball team’s performance and the program’s broader challenges highlights the need for significant improvements in recruitment, player development, and overall team performance. The coach’s remarks underscore the importance of addressing key issues to enhance the team’s competitiveness and future success.

Struggles on the Court

Despite initially leading by 19 points in the first half, St. John’s was unable to maintain their momentum. Turnovers and poor shooting allowed Seton Hall to stage a comeback, ultimately securing the victory. The loss leaves St. John’s with a 6-9 record in Big East play, highlighting the team’s need for improvement as they strive to secure a spot in the postseason.

Individual Criticism

Pitino did not shy away from singling out specific players, criticizing their lack of speed and lateral movement. The coach’s candid remarks included calling out players such as Drissa Traore, Chris Ledlum, Sean Conway, and Joel Soriano for being “slow laterally,” while also describing Brady Dunlap as “weak.”

Recruitment and Facility Concerns

Pitino also addressed broader issues within the program, attributing the team’s struggles to recruitment decisions and expressing dissatisfaction with the university’s athletic facilities. While acknowledging the team’s efforts, Pitino emphasized the importance of speed, quickness, fundamentals, strength, and toughness in recruiting, qualities he believes are currently lacking in the team.

Regarding the team’s facilities, Pitino acknowledged their shortcomings but made it clear that he does not attribute on-court performance to the quality of the facilities. He highlighted the need for improvement in various aspects of the program to enhance the team’s overall performance.

Reflecting on the Season

With a coaching career spanning several decades, Pitino admitted that the current season has been particularly challenging, expressing his disappointment and lack of enjoyment. His candid remarks shed light on the frustrations he has experienced, emphasizing the need for significant improvements as the team moves forward.

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