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Charles Barkley Condemns Black Trump Supporters Charles Barkley Condemns Black Trump Supporters


Charles Barkley Condemns Black Trump Supporters

Written by: Reba Callan

Read the latest news as Charles Barkley condemns Black Trump supporters. Stay informed with the latest updates.

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Former NBA star Charles Barkley has made a strong statement against Black individuals who support former President Donald Trump. During a recent discussion with Gayle King on his CNN show, Barkley expressed his disapproval of Trump’s recent comments about Black people’s support for him after his arrest in Georgia. Trump had boasted about Black individuals wearing his mug shot on t-shirts, which Barkley found deeply offensive.

Key Takeaway

Charles Barkley has strongly condemned Black individuals who support Donald Trump, particularly in light of Trump’s recent comments about Black people’s backing following his arrest. Barkley’s remarks have sparked discussion and controversy surrounding the intersection of race and politics.

Strong Condemnation

Barkley did not mince words, stating that if he sees a Black person wearing Trump’s mug shot, he would “punch him in the face.” He emphasized that Trump’s remarks were insulting to the entire Black community, as they trivialized the long history of discrimination and struggles faced by Black individuals.

History of Criticism

This is not the first time Barkley has spoken out against Trump. He has previously criticized the former president for using what he described as “pseudo-racist rhetoric” in discussions about immigration.

Unfazed by Backlash

Despite facing criticism from Barkley and others, Trump remains a prominent figure in the Republican party. As the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, he continues to garner support, especially with the upcoming Super Tuesday primaries in 15 states and one territory.

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