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Diddy Accuser’s Attorney Addresses Questions Surrounding Lawsuit Allegations Diddy Accuser’s Attorney Addresses Questions Surrounding Lawsuit Allegations


Diddy Accuser’s Attorney Addresses Questions Surrounding Lawsuit Allegations

Written by: Sisile Trussell

Stay informed with the latest news as the attorney for Diddy's accuser addresses the lawsuit allegations, providing clarity and insight.

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The attorney representing Rodney Jones, Tyrone Blackburn, has responded to the queries and doubts raised following the filing of a lawsuit containing serious accusations of sexual misconduct against Diddy.

Key Takeaway

Attorney Tyrone Blackburn has addressed the questions and doubts surrounding Rodney Jones’ allegations against Diddy, providing clarifications and explanations regarding the contentious lawsuit.

Allegations and Clarifications

Amidst the controversy, questions have emerged regarding Rodney’s claim that Diddy compelled him to watch a video featuring Stevie J engaging in sexual activity with another man. This assertion has been met with skepticism, especially after Stevie J and an adult film star, Knockout, discredited the allegations.

Tyrone Blackburn has clarified that the video in question was allegedly provided to Rodney by Diddy himself. Despite the subsequent revelations about the individuals in the video, Rodney maintains that Diddy informed him it was Stevie J.

Addressing the absence of sexual assault mentions in Rodney’s previous GoFundMe page, Tyrone explained that responses to sexual trauma vary widely among victims. He emphasized that Rodney, as a father and Christian, initially sought to protect his dignity and family by focusing on his rights concerning royalties and publishing rights from Diddy’s album.

Further Explanations

Tyrone elaborated that the primary purpose of the GoFundMe campaign was to settle fees owed to a previous attorney, who was initially engaged to handle the royalties and publishing matters. Subsequently, the scope of Rodney’s claims against Diddy expanded, leading to Tyrone’s involvement.

Additionally, Tyrone dismissed speculations regarding the identity of the individual in a photograph with Cuba Gooding Jr., asserting that Rodney is indeed the person in the image and claiming to possess video evidence supporting this assertion.


Despite the skepticism surrounding Rodney’s account, his attorney remains resolute in asserting the veracity of his client’s claims. Meanwhile, Diddy has vehemently denied all allegations put forth by Rodney.

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