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Playboi Carti Surprises Ice Spice With Unique Pendant Playboi Carti Surprises Ice Spice With Unique Pendant


Playboi Carti Surprises Ice Spice With Unique Pendant

Written by: Holly-Anne Stickney

Playboi Carti surprises Ice Spice with a one-of-a-kind pendant. Get the latest news on this unique gift and its impact on the hip-hop community.

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Ice Spice made headlines with her recent appearance at the Super Bowl, where she was spotted wearing a pendant that sparked controversy among viewers. The pendant, which some interpreted as a symbol of evil, was actually a gift from Playboi Carti to Ice Spice.

Key Takeaway

Ice Spice’s Super Bowl pendant, initially misconstrued as a symbol of darkness, is revealed to be a one-of-a-kind creation gifted by Playboi Carti, debunking unfounded claims of demonic associations.

Upside-Down Pendant Causes Uproar

During the Super Bowl broadcast, Ice Spice’s pendant, resembling an upside-down cross, caught the attention of many, leading to speculations of demonic symbolism and devil worship. This, coupled with a hand gesture she made, fueled the unfounded accusations further.

The Truth Behind the Pendant

Contrary to the assumptions, sources close to the situation have clarified that the pendant holds no sinister significance. Designed by renowned jeweler Alex Moss, the piece is crafted from black gold and adorned with baby pink sapphires, forming part of an upcoming collection. Playboi Carti personally presented this unique creation to Ice Spice, marking her as the first high-profile figure to possess such a distinctive piece.

Dispelling Misconceptions

Despite Playboi Carti’s known affinity for gothic and vampire aesthetics, insiders emphasize that the pendant’s design carries no satanic connotations. While it remains to be seen whether the public will fully accept this explanation, the undeniable rarity and aesthetic appeal of the pendant are indisputable.

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